Keith’s CEDLab covers three broad areas:

Market access and competitiveness for community-based businesses. This involves concern for the local community, solidarity economics, and strategies for “scaling small.” 

Informing community economic development practice and changing doctrine. Keith’s focus is on diversification of the community economic development toolbox by going beyond just attracting and retaining transnational firms, to the development of independent business support systems (such as associations and purchasing co-ops). This work involves the engagement of municipal, private philanthropic, and alternative business economic development agencies. 

Participatory stakeholder governance in alternative businesses and voluntary community organizations. If we are to believe in democratic values-voluntary associations, working together, free and fair markets, and public goods- then we need to encourage a bottom up economy that unleashes public entrepreneurial capabilities. 

Keith’s current research focuses on the CED impacts of agrifood and energy development against the backdrop of a rapidly changing business paradigm to platforms, the multi-level governance of independent business systems, and overcoming CED and pubic entrepreneurial obstacles facing independent businesses.